The Corona vaccine is a combination
Of Covid 2 and HIV

Covid 1 was SARS

The Corona virus was designed
From the SARS virus in a computer

Covid 2 and HIV are both retroviruses
Or lenta viruses
Which spread rapidly

The vaccine will have the full virus of Covid 2
And 18 genomic fragments of HIV

The chimeric genes will translate into chimeric proteins
Proteins are molecular machines
For bodily functions and processes

The human DNA
Will become a viral DNA

Also memory cells from all past vaccines
Which contained attenuated versions of each virus
Chicken Pox
Polio etc.

Will be alerted
And spread rapidly

Plus viruses in GMO foods
Viruses in chemtrails
Viruses in pharmaceuticals

All have caused the body to produce antibodies

An overreaction of the immune system
A build-up of antibodies
A Cytokine Storm

Usually a few months after
The Corona vaccine is given

Will kill the majority of people!

We have been pathogenically primed!