The skeletons of giants
Have been found all over the world

Late 19th century and early 20 century North America
Is filled with accounts of findings of giant skeletons

Tioga Point Mound in Pennsylvania
68 giants uncovered

Susquehanna River
45 giant skeletons

Moundville Alabama
Georgia sand dunes
Sparta Kentucky
Dickson Illinois
Meadowcroft Pennsylvania
Kanawha River near Charleston
Grave Creek in the Ohio Valley
Moundsville near Raleigh
Florida bogs
Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma
Niagara Falls
Erie Pennsylvania
New Mexico cliffs
Death Valley
Mississippi Valley
Catalina Island
Channel Islands near Santa Barbara
Grand River Oklahoma
Isle Royale in Lake Superior
And the Grand Canyon
Are some of the more notable findings

They are found buried in patterns
Such as circles
Some are clad in copper armor
Many have flint instruments
Ivory beads
And copper bracelets

The mummification process
Was to call back the soul to the body

Giants are now being felt on a spiritual level
They are influencing people at this critical time

Their understanding of energy is being utilized
To transmit telepathically
And awaken humans
Out of their slumber!