Moderna has a patent
US 2020/0354423 AI

It is stated right in the patent
That they combine antibodies
From rabbits and goats

And insert them into the
Red blood cells
Of human immunoglobulin G

And they also add to the mix
Cell lines from
But not limited to
Rat hamster cow and horse

They also utilize aborted fetus cells

Along with cells from
Bacteria algae and fungus

The cells are then incubated

These polygonal antibodies
Are conjugated to enzymes
For DNA modification

Iron particles and heavy metals
Are also in the payload
Awaiting 5G electroporation

These all are encased in watery hydrogels
So that they can move through the walls
Of capillaries veins and arteries

And they will cross the blood brain barrier
Entering neurons dendrites and synaptic junctions

This will change the way a person behaves

Simian genomic sequences from great apes and chimpanzees are included

This is to give people the mind of a chimpanzee
And to produce a serf class

Where this new brand of humans
Will be legally owned
Because they are a product of a patent!