In the 1968 movie
Planet of the Apes
Starring Charleston Heston
Astronauts get time warped into the future

Where there are stupid humans who cannot talk

And apes orangutans and chimpanzees
Who are civilized

Who look upon humans as inferior
And not worthy of respect

As we now look upon animals

The apes have to cull the herd
But they capture some humans
To bring them back
Where they are put in cages
So that hideous experiments can be performed on them

As we now do to animals

There has been a cataclysmic event
Which has buried New York City
And the Statue of Liberty

The scientist orangutans know that
There have been advanced civilizations of humans in the past
But repress any evidence
And deny any knowledge of it

In later remakes it is shown
That there are controllers
Who live underground

And deceive the apes and humans
With holographic technology

And are in possession of a
World destroying weapon

This is a scenario of where the future is heading

As people line up by the thousands
For mass inoculations
At stadiums and arenas
Disneyland and Disneyworld

Of a vaccine which contains
Simian genomic fragments
That are being translated into
Complimentary DNA

In other words
DNA of apes orangutans and chimpanzees
Is being incorporated
Into the nucleus
Of the human host DNA

But people have no clue
As they listen to lying politicians
Drug pushing pharmaceutical companies
And people in the phony medical system!