Proteins form the basis of life
By performing the function
Required of every cell

Water and proteins make up a large percentage
Of who we are

DNA stores instructions for proteins

Messenger RNA instructs the DNA in cells
To make a protein

If the body is triggered to produce certain proteins
By introducing a new genomic sequence
The construct of the body will change

If natural proteins are replaced by designer proteins
In other words genetically modified proteins
Then a Chimera is produced

It is admitted that the Corona vaccine
Instructs the ribosomes in the cytoplasm
By way of designer RNA
To make foreign proteins

Causing cells to continually
Act as a factory for the production
Of these proteins

This will gradually affect the whole body

What will happen is that
When the transformation reaches a certain point

A person will be walking down the street
And all of a sudden not know who they are!
And not know where they are going!