The cryptocurrency Libra Diem
Will be introduced in January 2021

It will gradually expand

By next summer it will be
The only currency that is used

One cannot utilize it
Unless they are hooked up
To the Blockchain
Via the vaccine

The vast majority of people
Are inundated with heavy metals
From chemtrail spraying

Heavy metals attract electricity
So our bodies will attract 5G

Electroporation will occur
When 5G is cranked up
In the summer of 2021
And the vaccine will be activated

A multiple of components
Will be awaiting activation

Nano particles will cross
The blood brain barrier
And the mind will connect
To the Hive Mind

The biosensors in the vaccine
Will act as biological antennae
Allowing the tracking of everyone 24/7
And the monitoring our internal processes

As the introduced DNA
Merges with the host DNA

People will be like a Chimera

A Chimera is an organism
Of varied genetic origin