In India the DNA vaccine has been launched
It will add a third strand of DNA

Our DNA has two strands each consisting of 22 base pairs
This will make 3 strands of 22 base pairs or 322
322 is the number of Skull and Bones
They say it has an efficacy rate of 66.6 percent or 666

In Switzerland they launched the micro needle array patch
It is easy to do just press it on your forehead or hand
It is a snake bite in that it has luciferase or quantum dots
Which will leave an etching or green mark

Green is the color of transhumanism
You will be connected to the Cloud and the Beast System
Which will make it hard to be human and to think for yourself

The meaning of going green written on city buses
Is that you will soon need a green mark to board

The Internet of Things or IOT tags the nano dust
Received in vaccinations with a Mac address

We all have been inundated with smart dust via chemtrails
You can see the smart dust at night with a flashlight
Smart dust acts as a conductor for electromagnetic frequencies

We all broadcast a radio frequency because of them
And are all trans human in that respect

The secret sauce of the vaccines also has dysprosium oxide
Which will grant better magnetic resonance to the 5G
That has been rolled out worldwide
Australia Europe and the USA being main targets

Everyone will be assigned an avatar
And the smartphone will be the avatars main node

The vaccine is all about AI and transhumanism
It changes how your body functions
And it changes you!