The injection of snake venom in the Covid vaccine
And the peptide mix which mimics venom
Is a tool of implementing a consciousness construct

It has a piezo electric effect in the tissue channels
Which will influence ones energetic field
And thus affect the higher dimensional bioenergetic function

The bioenergetic field structure exists as an electrical intelligence of the body
But when overrun by pathogens are taken over by their state of being
As they implement their own consciousness constructs
And it is very hard to return to ones former coherence

Poisoning humans with venom and toxins
Maneuvers humanity into victimhood and compliance
Making them want to get jabbed

The spiritual self is detached from the divine self
The epigenetic attachment of the current incarnation
Is replaced by the consciousness associated with the Covid mRNA sequence

The genetic reprogramming disables the natural DNA repair
And certain serpent or predator behaviors comes to the fore

Therapeutic approaches include
3 day apple diet
Bentonite clay
Diatomaceous earth
5 day grape juice detox
Nutritional approaches
Radionics with informic signatures
That restore DNA to the original blueprints of life
And put the natural epigenetics back into place

A positive mindset is also essential

Which would exclude any consumption of animals
Because you would then ingest the hormones that were produced by the suffering animals
At the factory farms and the slaughterhouse

You would also be spiritually promoting this extremely negative system
By buying their products

Slaughterhouses should not exist
And as long as they do the energy will come back to us

When so much negativity is sent out
It will mentally paralyze the population

We become emotionally detached
And our humanity withers away
Opening ourselves up to demonic entities

The jab and the consumption of our fellow earthlings
Is also about demonic possession

The cure is not to run out and jabbed by a syringe full of toxins
Many people after going to a vaccination center
Feel the energy and change their minds

Then they once again get prompted and return
Only to feel the discordant energy and leave

This process sometimes repeats itself many times

If we understood the energy and how it works
We would not be tempted to get jabbed

And we would not be eating the carcasses
Of tortured animals!