You are the protagonist of your story
Amidst the veil of mystery that surrounds human experience

Life is a mystical ritual of self discovery
Of our pure and eternal essence

Harness your dynamic energy for greatness
Your energy is waves of creation that carry gematria codes

Particles become waves when we are in a state of expansion

Music is synchronizing heart waves with geometry

DNA is a receiver and a transmitter of encoded language
Through DNA animals and plants communicate with you on a subconscious level
With our inner media we energetically communicate with higher beings also

Our left brain interfaces with the Matrix
And does not have the ability to comprehend the larger picture of life
Which is a wonderful magical multi dimensional living template

You synergize with your own energy field through your spinal column
Which emanates outward into a torus shape

You synergize with the earths plasmasphere
Via the northern axial polar column
That emanates outward into a celestial torus

As you do a doorway is opened between the physical reality and the higher dimensional planes
Which allows channeling form other realms into our 3d existence

You can set an intention or make a wish and consider it granted
It is like someone is knocking at the door wanting to give you a present

The auspiciousness of synchronicity signs will navigate you through this reality
Each step moves you toward your higher self
Which will unveil to you your secret destiny

Seemingly disparate events that apparently have no connection
Are actually intimately connected
So stay positive

You can choose to surrender to the prison guard
Which is your own false self

Or you can choose love
Which will go cosmic!