911 is an ideogram
For American Satan

S is the 19th letter of the alphabet
A is the first

Pyramid symbology
And horn symbology
As well as Satan symbology
Have their origin in the former planetary arrangement of the ancient sky
Which revolved around the north celestial pole
Contrary to the circumstellar stars

The hermaphrodite god Baphomet
Is the reason why transexuals
Are the rule and not the exception
In pop culture

Saturn was a male deity with a penis
The penis was the axis mundi or north celestial pole

This male deity had a feminine aspect
Which was the goddess Venus
Who was situated right in front
And was the expression or output of Saturn

The 13 bright stars on the dollar bill
Are the 13 prominent stars of Saturn
They are the illuminated ones or Illuminati
Representing the 13 families on the top of the pyramid of power

This elite group keep us from going to the outer realms
Where there are huge continents
With no people

They keep our vibrational frequency low
By having us eat animals
And genetically modified crops

Our crops are also sprayed with poisonous synthetic chemicals

Iron nano particles are rained down upon us in chemtrails
Which cross the blood brain barrier
And affect our minds

Iron nano particles also bind with protein molecules and cells
Causing our immune system
To attack their own cells

They have genetically amalgamated themselves with another species
A species who can take over a human body
In a process called Sweating the Quill

They have given us a fake history
And fake astronomy

Our government is all theatre
Trumps unwillingness to leave the White House
And the eventual Civil War
Is all contrived

Their only concern
Is their own wealth and power

They want us to be
Unquestioning and obedient

They treat us
In the same way as
We treat animals

As objects for exploitation and consumption

In this way
They are a mirror image
Of ourselves!