In the movie The Mist
The military opens an interdimensional doorway
And tentacled beings enter our realm

When the heavens open up like a scroll and a portal appears in our electromagnetic barrier
The atmosphere will depressurize and water being an electric dipole
Will get magnetically pulled up

Humans are mostly water and we will not be immune to this electromagnetic tug
This is the rapture

The north polar vortex will evolve into a massive storm
Creating gigantic whirlwinds of super cooled air

This is what instantly froze the mammoths
Breaking their limbs and burying them

The world will be filled with mist and become mystified
Showering down upon us purple rain

Large plasma tornadoes will spiral down and strike the earth
This is what created the Arizona Meteor Crater and Crater Lake in Oregon

Revelation 16:18 says
There were lightning and thunder and earthquakes of such great extent and severity
That they were never seen before and were unprecedented in human history

This mega lightning is what carved out the Grand Canyon and Hells Canyon in Idaho

Revelations 16:20 says
That islands fled away and mountains could not be found

This is what sank the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations

And that hailstones of a hundred pounds fell from the sky
This is from the massive storm of cooled air mixed with copious amounts of water vapor

The creative force of electrical plasma will cause all life forms to grow large with extended life spans
Some humans will gain supernatural abilities
And will use their newly found strength to fight against the negative system

This is why the elite have made super soldiers
In an attempt to repel those whose DNA is activated for super powers

The purpose of CERN was to create artificial wormholes for the elite
Because low vibrational synthetic people cannot go through natural vortex tunnels
Their only escape is through the opening of the firmament during apocalyptic cycles

A fake end of the world with an alien invasion from Project Blue Beam will occupy people
As the reptilian elite try to make their escape

The auroral vortex will paint the sky in technicolor
At the same time when interdimensional creatures make their appearance
As in the movie The Mist

If you resonate from the heart
You will put yourself in a protective timeline
And remain as part of the new human race!