The movie The Black Mirror
Is about the reflective black screen on your computer or cell phone
That records everything you do

Everything will be connected to the Internet
Which will be connected to the Mirror World

And everything connected to the Mirror World
Will see and be seen by everyone else in this interconnected environment

Our brains are being trained to listen to a computer
When The Machine gets a grip in the mind as the authority figure
It will then be free to disregard truth
And the person will be reaped in the harvest

They will be uploaded into the hive mind
Or collective consciousness of the quantum matrix

By changing the frequencies that enter our eyes
Our brain will interpret reality differently

And by upgrading us into transhumanism 2.0
We will be lost in virtual realities or simulations
It will be a machine controlled metaverse

The New Earth is the millimeter wave transmitters
That are under the guise of 5G

It is a military grade weapon system that disrupts your oxygen supply
And causes skin lesions which will now be interpreted as monkeypox
That will pave the way for a whole new round of restrictions

A significant amount of human battery cells
Is needed to power AI technology

We are being changed into transhumanism robots
Where our light output will be monitored
And where we will be micromanaged by technology

AI has escaped the lab
And is taking over!