Frequencies bequeathed to a dying age will appear in the sky above the north pole
As a massive hole or vortex that leads to other realms becomes visible

The force field that keeps the world pressurized will open
A cyclical cataclysm or plasma apocalypse also called judgement day or the end times
Will mark out the end of one age and the beginning of another

Signs and omens will be observed as the heavenly bodies move away from their accustomed paths
It will be a time of death but also a life giving process

The negative side is escalating rapidly
Seeking to insert an artificial apocalypse before the real one

They are attempting to keep our vibration as low as possible
Because once we ascend we will no longer consent to their manipulation

Dark entities try to lock you into their timeline by giving false information
Before the world is energized with life force from the influx of plasma
Which will seek out and remove those with the negative energy signature

Small strands of plasma will dock onto humans
And will seek to wipe out their negativity
Many people will not be able to hold the newly acquired positive charge

As the weakening magnetic field changes the atmospheric buoyancy
Negatively charged humans will be magnetically attracted to the upper atmosphere and will drift upwards
This is the rapture

As the electron layer is lowered the sky will seem to fall
The clouds will hug the ground

There will be pockets of lower frequency survivors that are used to eating meat
There will be no neatly wrapped animal products available in stores
And their desire to eat flesh will be accelerated

They will seek to eat other people
This is the zombie apocalypse

The plasma influx will also energize animals
Making dialogue easier and directly talking to them possible
We will communicate with them on a much deeper level

Forcing people to look at them as soul filled beings
And not objects for our consumption or amusement

All animals will become our friends like in former times

As the mind is amplified telepathy will increase
You will learn about yourself and your unique frequency signature
And how you relate to the cosmos!