The Monarchy thinks it will transcend itself
And rise to a level of immortality
Achieving god like status

They believe they will do this through singularity
Which is transhumanism
And the uploading of consciousness and memory
Into a quantum computer
Then into digital form or representation

A digital form is a solid hologram
Called a Haptic hologram

Digitization is achieved through scanning
Which maps the human brain
From fundamental particles on up

Mapping of the brain and genome
Began with CERN
When hard X rays charted dimensional structure

It reverse engineered the folding of proteins
And the genes that produced them

The magnetic property of electrons
Were arranged into bits and cubits

Bits meaning the state of being on or off
Or in a duality state called coherent superposition

Cubits relate to upspin or downspin

Spin is a representation of electrons
And their magnetic dipole moment

These properties are marked by a zeroes and ones
Which is called random number generation

Particle wave duality measurement
Marks the position and momentum of electrons

Quantum bits control electrons
And the cellular gates of neural pathways
Referred to as logic gates

A quantum computer can alter the electron spin
And manipulate the human cellular logic gates
And even control the MRNA in the production
Of enzymes and proteins

The ruling class believe that they will transcend human form
Into digital form

While the serf class will be controlled by their connection to digital form
Becoming biological computers