Hollywood movies are a form of sorcery
Bewitching people with subliminal messages into a mass psychosis

Druids used wood from the Holly tree to cast spells

You cannot make it big in Hollywood without joining the club
And partaking in Satanic rituals
Drinking the blood of tortured children called adrenochrome

This extends into the key positions of the government

Bidon Clinton Trump and many others are goods friends of Jeffrey Epstein
And made regular trips to Pedo Island
No one in elite circles ever goes to jail

Illuminati belief is that they will be rewarded
If they allow themselves to be possessed

The pestilence program is an enslavement agenda

This Fall markets will be intentionally collapsed
And there will be an ensuing economic crisis

This will occur after events that will be addressed as natural upheavals
But they will be instigated by technology

Their end game plan is to trap souls in this reality forever
And feed off their loosh energy

It is to bring our consciousness down
So they lie about everything

For instance we see the sun and moon moving above us across the sky
But we are told one is moving and the other is not

Fake astronauts at NASA laugh at us
While they pretend they are in a Space Shuttle
Traveling at 17,320 miles per hour up in the thermosphere

The thermosphere is supposed to get up to 2000 degrees Centigrade
Which will melt any metal

And they even do space walks up there
Reminds one of them playing golf on the moon

They say they cannot go back to the moon
But Mars is no problem

NASA has even admitted they photoshop all images of earth

All pictures of a round globe earth are just computer graphic illustrations

If the earth was really a ball spinning at 1000 miles per hour
All photos would be just a blur

They want the masses to live in a virtual world
And then hook everyone into the Metaverse
Where they can be easily controlled!