The human body is equivalent to a headset
That puts you in a video game

Individuals select their own soul lessons

If you are not an NPC
Then you have a path and a purpose

Non person characters accept without question
What they are told by an authority figure

Incorporate the power that you have
With the magic and splendor of the universe

The universe wants to give you anything you desire
It is constantly working in your favor

You have the divine spark within you
Raise yourself up to the Infinite

Let go of restrictive narratives of victimhood
Release old identities that no longer serve you
Deeply fathom that the pathological needs of trauma no longer apply

Trust in your ability to manifest your intentions
Liberate yourself from resentment grudges and bitterness
By allowing your energy to flow freely

Forgiveness is essential
When you also forgive yourself you open up space for inner peace and love to arise

With confidence and determination take actions that are in alignment with your goals
Be attentive to synchronicities and signs from the universe
Significant coincidences are fortuitous encounters that give rise to opportunity

A clear intention produces a coherent brain wave pattern
Your magnetic vortex center is the energy flow that carries your intentions

A clarity of intention tunes the frequency of our being
So that we resonate with what we want to attract

Creative visualization activates our imagination
And sends a clear message to the universe of our desires
Guided visualization also amplifies the energy of manifestation

By expressing sincere gratitude for what we have
We create space for more blessings and miracles

Gratitude creates a vibration of appreciation and contentment
The positive energy of gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful

Even though you get lead down unexpected detours
It is important to trust what gets manifested is for your highest good

Do not underestimate the power you have

Because you generate frequency
You are the architect of your reality!