A growing number of famous people
Do not inhabit their own bodies

They are members of the Black Eye Club
And are reptilian Drones

They include popes presidents and actors
Such as Barack Obama and Brad Pitt

A reptilian can encapsulate its consciousness and spinal tissue
Into what is called a Vril worm

It enters a persons eye
And completely takes over the host body
This is called Sweating the Quill

The Vril has what is called a proboscis
A proboscis is an injectable brain and spinal column

It creates a black eye that comes and goes
It is usually the left eye

The Vril mutates into the full body of the reptilian inside the host

The reptilian then mimics the persons behavior

It feeds off the energy that is lauded upon it
By humans who idolize celebrities

The reptilian entity can shapeshift inside the human body
Shapeshifting is a literal transformation that happens quickly

They grow bigger and taller
They develop fangs and their nose becomes a snout
They have claws and green scaled skin
And a long pointed serpent tongue
And slanted serpent eyes

Reptilians live for hundreds of years
So they switch bodies when the human body gets old

They prefer bodies with a significant amount of reptilian genes
Such as the ruling families

Reptiles have a taste for mammals
Humans are a resource to be used