In the movie The Signal
When a person answered their cell phone
A trigger would be sent
To cause them to commit acts of violence and murder

Or their TV would turn on
Sending out frequencies
That would make people want to kill others

This Fall the neurological side effects
Of the vaccinated
Will have a huge manifestation

And everything will be blamed on the unvaccinated

Sleeper assassins can be programmed
For the random slaughter of people

To cause chaos and to bring down society

The Las Vegas casinos are reopening
Masks are required only for the unvaccinated

This Fall they will say Covid infections are at record levels
And all unauthorized people have to stay indoors

Anyone outside will be immediately arrested or shot

The fully vaccinated will eventually be allowed to go outside
But the unvaccinated will be targets

In the town where I currently reside
There was a protest of the vaccines
Because people have died
But it was quickly dispersed by police

The non compliant are becoming more resolute in their convictions
While the delusion among the vaccinated is getting even more pervasive

The rift between the two will be great

The weatherman Al Roker has a trigger word
It is Holy Ghost
But he is not programmed to react malevolently

In the movie The Purge
Times were set aside for violence and murder
To cull the population

When the frequency is changed
Reality is also changed