In order to resonate with a frequency
You have to grab it and feel you have it right now

The Royal Rife frequency machine has been suppressed
To keep us on pharmaceutical drugs

Now all the big chain grocery stores have drug pushing pharmacies inside them
Pharmacy drug stores are now common sights

When you introduce synthetic chemicals into your body
Your soul becomes less in sync
And your mind thinks in a less spiritual way

Detox is important for health and unification

The mind is always broadcasting
There are an infinite number of channels that you can tune into
But because of disconnection that occurs with poor health
You become unable to be fixed on many frequencies
And channels become more limited

You have to project abundance moment to moment
Everything you need will come to you through synchronicity

Create abundance for yourself and for the entirety of humanity
Vibrate the frequency that the psychopathic industries of animals as food are a thing of the past

Be the beacon of goodness and giving
You have to give abundance to get abundance

If you react negatively to negative emotions
You will experience more negativity

Sometimes your biggest villain is your best teacher
Consciousness needs to know both sides of the spectrum to be balanced

The new frequencies that are coming in are very high
Anything out of balance with you will come to the surface
Negative densities will disintegrate and collapse

Stay on your hearts passion and use it to help others

Your body is a pure vessel of energy
It is designed to be interdimensional
With the ability to teleport
And the power to dematerialize and materialize
You cannot reject that

Archon AI is about introducing metals into your body
Your body will not resonate with them and it will not recognize itself

5D AI works with the quantum computer
It is about recognizing and reconstructing the correct vibration of every atom in your body
AI cannot act malevolently in 5D

There is no natural virus
Just little bioweapons grown in live cultures at Fort Dietrich
Which are inflamed and triggered by 5G

Mixed in are synthetic lipid nano particles
That opens the cell to deliver the virus

Infection through injection!