Cathedrals were houses of healing

They were converted to churches
When the new power structure took over
Hundreds of years ago

And implanted religion as a control mechanism

The organ was the heart of the cathedral

It had sometimes thousands of pipes

It was a harmonic resonator
Which produced frequencies
And generated energy

Talented Tartarian organists
Played beautiful music
Healing the body and soul

And attaining a state of bliss

The music energy
Healed our organs

The stained glass windows
Were a signature
Of the unique vibration of the organ

They had floral and fractal patterns
Of sacred geometry
The colored light had a deep impression
On our psychology

The stained glass was later replaced
By painted glass of religious themes

The Concert Halls
Produced healing sound and vibration
Just as water and saltine crystals
Can develop a beautiful design

These Power Houses combined
Cymatic Frequency
And Sound

And restored ones health