When you walk barefoot there is an interchange of electrical energy with the Earth.
We are supposed to vibrate at the same rate of the earth plane below us which is 7.83 hertz per second.
As electrochemical beings we have a vibration which shows up in our aura.
The color of our aura reflects who we are.
Bright auras are better than dark ones.
The Earth has a conductivity of 50 to 200 volts per meter which means it transmits energy which we can partake of.
We are uniquely designed to abide in our safe zone between two highly charged regions.
Above us as the air becomes thinner and the voltage increases.
At about 300 miles the electric force markedly increases and gradually goes into the millions of electron volts.
Below us the voltage gets progressively higher also.
We are energy vibration and frequency.
When we run low of power we need to plug in and recharge.
We also need to discharge negative energy.
That means being active.
Pavement and rubber soled shoes prevent the transmission of energy that would normally flow through us.
Food is energy.
What we put in our bodies determines our energy and vibration.
And our mood.
Emotion is energy in motion.
Thoughts create emotion.
What we believe we create with our minds.
We need to believe in ourselves.
We need to keep energy flowing through us.
That is why a real hard workout can work wonders.
When emotional energy gets trapped our vibration decreases.
Purposely create positive thoughts to keep yourself in functioning mode.
If enough negative energy gets generated then it will be imprinted upon our minds.
And it will continually surface seeking release.
It can only be released by experiencing strong emotion.
When negative emotions rule our behavior we make wrong choices.
And fear becomes our guide.
When we operate according to our intuition we live and make choices emanating from our own innate guidance system.
Which is a beautiful thing.
The rapids or confluences of rivers are good places to receive energy.
Boulders and rock outcroppings have their own innate magnetic field.
Old growth trees resonate with a vertical stream of energy.
When we sit barefoot in the sand a current of electricity flows through us.
The energy of oceanic waves continually stream into our bodies.
Barefoot contact with the Earth affects intracellular illumination and rejuvenation.
It increases our vibration and enhances sensory perception.
We connect with animals and we become more aware of what they are thinking and feeling.
Our circle of compassion will increase.
When we vibrate in accordance with the earth we make ourselves happier, more content and more fulfilled.
Our electrical resonance is our divine nature!