When you walk barefoot there is an interchange of electrical energy with the Earth. As electrochemical beings we have a vibration which shows up in our aura. The Earth has a conductivity of 50 to 200 v/p/m.

We live in a safe zone.  Above us the air becomes thinner and the voltage increases. Starting at about 300 miles and right above the ionosphere two layers called the Van Allen Belts cover the Earth.  Their charge goes into the millions of electron volts. There is no way a human could pass safely through these highly charged regions inside a thin aluminum exterior which the Apollo “spacecraft” possessed. These slender aluminum walls would have only produced a scattering effect and make the bombardment of charged particles worse. The artificial rubber and polyester suits worn by the “astro-nots” would not have provided any protection. And it would take quite a while depending on the speed. If a spacecraft could go 25,000 m/p/h it would take an hour. Do you honestly think someone can receive millions of volts for a long period of time and survive? So unless the Apollo astronauts had the Hand of God covering them they would have gotten sizzled.

But wait there is even more. We sent two rovers to Mars by parachuting them to it’s surface. How did we do that if Mars has just about no atmosphere at all to slow down the descent? Parachuters on Earth don’t go above a certain height (maybe 12 or 13,000 ft.) because the air is too thin and will not provide resistance to open the parachute. So there would be no way parachutes would open in the basically air-less atmosphere of Mars.

There is also charge under which increases with depth. At a certain point the charge below us in the Earth plane will be unbearable also.

We live in a plasma cell. We do not know what is outside of it but there are probably more cells of different vibration.

We are like batteries that need to be re-charged. When we are plugged-in we learn to follow our conscience and our intuition which is our own innate guidance system.

Rivers supply static electricity. The rapids or confluences of rivers are good places to receive energy.

Boulders and rock outcroppings are also good sources. They have their own innate magnetic field.

Trees especially old growth ones with large trunks resonate with their own frequency. Their stream of energy is a vertical one.

When we sit barefoot in the sand below the current in a river a current of electricity flows through us.

The same thing happens when we are at the ocean. The electrical energy from the oceanic waves stream through our bodies.

We are bioelectrical beings. Barefoot contact with the Earth affects intracellular illumination and rejuvenation.
It increases our vibration and enhances sensory perception.

It also improves our ability to connect with animals. We become more aware that they are thinking and feeling beings with concerns and desires just like us.

Our circle of compassion will increase and we will want animals to prosper and live good lives. We will be against using them for food or harming them in any way.

When we vibrate in accordance with the earth we make ourselves happier, more content and more fulfilled.

Our electrical composition is our divine nature!