Once the plunger of the needle is depressed
There is no going back

The taking of the fake vaccine
Will trigger a GPS chip
On the outside of the syringe

The time and date will be transmitted
To a GPS locater
By way of 5G
That the vaccine has been delivered

In reality what will be injected is
Quantum dots
Nano particles

All functioning as a biosensor
By way of 5G

This has been planned for generations
For the purpose of keeping power and control
In certain families

HIV embedded in the Corona Virus
Will modify the DNA

HIV is a retro virus
Meaning it will spread
To all cells in the body

A virus does not seek to kill
But only to infect
And live off its host

Even so
Many health implications will arise
Including death

A sterilization will be included

Syncaton 1
Which is vital for the placenta
Will be spiked
Causing the female body attack
To attack it

You are not supposed to ask
What is in the vaccine!