5G is a military assault weapon
Its super waves can enable
The software programs of the central computer grid to operate

One such program is Voice to Skull technology
It can manipulate the thoughts and behavior of everyone
Through soul voices

DNA is a fractal antennae

Once bio resonance is established
A broadcast frequency is interlocked
And a wireless superhighway is created

When 5G is rolled out nationwide
The vaccinated will be plugged into the internet

They will be monitored 24/7
And will be like leaves on a tree

The unvaccinated will become targeted remotely
Their brains will be stepped into

Thoughts can be stopped or replaced
People unwittingly can be turned against someone else

There will be a big dividing line
Who is part of the program and who is not

In the original Star Trek episode
Return of the Archons
Everyone is under the spell of a computer

Kirk and Spock sneak into the computer room
And cause it to malfunction

In the movie Purge
All crime is legal for 12 hours
Even murder
Emergency government services are shut down

In the Return of the Archons
A similar event happens
Called the Red Hour
Where everyone is triggered by the clock striking noon
And anarchy reigns

This rodeo of humans
Will be the new entertainment

If it is all right for us to do it to another species
Then why is it not all right for someone else
To do it to us!