When 5G an AI combine
Everything will get smarter

5G is made up of microwaves
It will enable the quantum supercomputer
To have access to a persons mind

There are electrical patterns
Within the neo cortex
Producing a particular note

Like a key on a piano

By shocking the synapses of the brain
It can make neurons come alive

The supercomputer will be able
To produce a symphony of notes

A persons resonant DNA frequency
Which is their particular energy signature
Will be used to tune into and resonate remotely
With that individual

And project into perpetual space
A version of the universe

A sentient world simulation

The brain is an imagining machine
And can be used to create perceptions

By tapping into optical signals
Data can be sent to the computer

And rendered in the form of a picture
That people can look at

Thus enabling them to see
Through the eyes of the targeted individual