The Moderna vaccine ingredient SM 102
Is a lipid nano particle

Lipids are fatty molecules
And are used to provide a protective envelope
Around the RNA
Which binds to the host DNA

SM 102 ties together phosphorus
And holds the lipid nano particle in suspension
By using chloroform
Supplied by Cayman Chemical

Chloroform is a colorless liquid
With a strong smell
The sniffing of chloroform is used as a sedative
Because it knocks people out

Chloroform is a hazard material and is flammable

It can be fatal if it even comes in contact with the skin
It damages the liver and kidneys
It is toxic to all life

When it combines with oxygen
It is broken down
And converts to phosgene
And becomes a gas

Phosgene was used as a chemical weapon in World War 1
Killing hundreds of thousands
And injuring countless others