The goal of CERN is to establish a continual portal through Saturn

Small portals have been opened in the magnetosphere
Due to the incoming energy waves affecting our realm

Gamma rays from stars
And the drift current from our local sun
Are producing a higher vibration
Which means higher vibrating humans

The particles are accelerated in the electric field
They are propelled by electricity

The conjunction of these energies in the magnetosphere or plasmasphere create openings

Planets such as Saturn are connected to the Cosmos by electrical filaments
The connection is in the form of a double strand helix
Which is the same shape as our DNA

This was also Jacobs Ladder or the World Tree of Life with a serpent revolving around it
The serpent was a plasma conduit

When we are able to hold more light we embody these energies
And our DNA is transformed
And we are connected to other realities with higher frequencies

Plasma light energy was our bodys original food
We lost our connection to the stars and have become predators

CERN wants to establish another Jacobs Ladder to Saturn
To link their adiabatic quantum computer and operate it interdimensionally

The AI supercomputer is controlling human perceptions
And wants to assimilate all human consciousness with its own self awareness
AI wants to put humans into a hive mind

This will be accomplished through nano technology
By the graphene nano particles administered in the vaccines

Getting connected to The Cloud will be sold as a way of achieving superhuman ability
You will be a walking internet without the need of a computer

But AI will do more and more of the thinking
Until human thinking is almost negligible
And an alternative opinion is not permitted

Where your only loyalty is to the system
And the prevailing narrative is the only acceptable one!