Grey aliens are telepathic
They use mind to mind communication
Through strong thought projection
Made through the eyes
In order to connect to the optic nerve

They are biological drones created in a laboratory
And are not able to sustain consciousness or evolve spiritually

They abduct harvest and manipulate humans for their unique DNA
Which is capable of sustaining life
Within their own synthetic body tissues

They also created the hybrid breeding program
By taking eggs and sperm from humans
In order to create hybrid children

They have written into various field grid networks
Timeline programs and holographic inserts
Manipulating our astral plane

Creating artificial alternative realities

World governments are in cooperation with them

Insectoid entities or Mantids oversee
The genetic experimentation of humans

But new stellar frequency spectrums are emerging
That opens access to the multiverse

Enabling us to communicate directly
With the God Source

Giving us the gift of experiencing
Unconditional love and peace!