In the Star Trek Next Generation episode The Game
The crew gets addicted to a brain wave technology
Presented as an entertaining game

A euphoria of emotion is created
By the stimulation of addiction centers in the brain

Which then can be tweaked to opposite feelings such as depression
If compliance toward a particular action is not obeyed

When it was finally realized what was happening
The Game was prohibited

We are in a similar game
Where vaccines which deliver chemicals and graphene into the bloodstream
Are marketed as healing devices

But which actually change DNA sequences

The players of this Game become extremely susceptible to the powers of suggestion
Because of the nano graphene based sensors which allow access to their mind

And because of the ambient air being ionized
By EMF pulses of gyrotron based ELF radiation

People will have access to The Cloud through their graphene sensors
They will think it is ascension

When cell phone towers are tweaked to a certain pulse
There will be instantaneous interface with AI supercomputers through The Cloud

This Game will be very addictive
Just download from The Cloud and you get information on demand

This Game will radically change human experience
And redefine how we perceive existence

This Game will be so addictive we will put ourselves in false realities

Young people now are being conditioned to do this now
In video games such as SIMS

When in these false realities the players will explore possibilities
And they will spend more and more time in The Game

Our memories will be hacked by AI
And we will forget who we are

As nano particles infiltrate our bodies
And get lodged in our brain

Remote intervention will become more influential
And we will lose our humanity

Transhumanism will take hold!