Synthetic vaccine proteins are virulent

Enzymes provide entry into the nucleus
The genes expressed by the proteins
Bind with the host DNA
Producing a chimeric DNA
Which produces a chimeric RNA

Then it exits the cytoplasm of the cell
As a chimeric protein
Designed to express Glycoprotein 120
Which is called a Spike protein

Spike proteins are received by the cell
Through receptor sites
That bind to the cell membrane

Spike proteins produce blood clotting

An overabundance of mono clonal antibodies
Of leucocytes B Cells and T Cells
Will try and kill these infected cells

Micro vesicles are vector transporters
They contain the virus which is used to spread the contents of the vaccine

Shedding of these contaminated cells with these micro vesicles
Will endanger non vaccinated people

CERN is about to be activated at low power
Accelerated synchrotron energy
Will promote the folding of proteins
Causing dementia

As new genes are introduced
New blood types will occur
Such as happened before

This is what they call this
The Final Solution!