As more and more toxic chemicals get in our water, air, food, soil and household products the cancer rates keep going up! The highest cancer rate in the world is North America with every 1 out of 2.5 people eventually getting it. The only allowed treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Since the 1950’s the outlook for cancer patients is still the same bleak forecast. With such limited results why is there so much resistance at looking into alternative methods? Is it because there is too much money to be made?

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s draining the body of blood was still a popular cure for cancer. Also mercury and lead was given along with surgery. Needless to say many people died of “the cure.”

In the 1920’s the German physician Dr. Max Gerson started curing his patients of tuberculosis by a raw vegetable and fruit diet. He then extended it to cancer patients. Meat was absolutely forbidden because it creates acidity. The buildup of phosphoric acid prohibits the body from functioning properly. The Gerson diet became very popular in the USA but was eventually put an end to by the AMA.

In the 1930’s Harry Hoxley pushed a natural diet after his stallion who had cancer was put out to pasture. But the horse recovered so he used the plants growing in the area as a formula on people. The Hoxley treatments became very sought after and clinics were opened up in 17 states. A federal prosecutor had Hoxley arrested over 100 times. But then the prosecutor’s brother got cancer and secretly went to Hoxley and got cured. The prosecutor quit his attacks but the AMA was relentless and finally got the natural cure outlawed on technicalities.

In the 1940’s a nurse from Ontario Canada, Rene Caisse tried the herbs which the local native Indian tribe had been using. People’s health improved greatly so she opened her own clinic. She was eventually treating hundreds of patients every week. Many had cancer. She called it the Essiac treatment (her own name spelled backwards).The clinic stayed open for 8 and 1/2 years but was finally forced to close despite widespread public protest.

In the 40’s and 50’s a scientist named Royal Rife built a powerful microscope and a machine which electrocuted cancer cells. He realized each microbe has it’s own resonance frequency. So he killed the unhealthy cells by bombarding them with intense light without killing the healthy ones. After his treatment got popular the American Medical Association saw him as a direct threat to their business and so they relentlessly persecuted and derided him. His practice was outlawed and he was ostracized from the scientific community.

In the 70’s German surgeon Geerd Hamer noticed a mind body connection in cancer patients. He then took a very holistic approach to cancer treatment. But he was jailed and coerced not to promote his ideas. Nevertheless his insights have been well received by many who prefer such a method.

More recently Rick Simpson of Nova Scotia after curing himself of his illness started mass producing Cannabis oil and giving it out free of charge. But later was forced to quit. The cannabis plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years. The THC in the plant actively kills cancer cells while at the same time promotes the regeneration of healthy cells. Now that it is starting to be legalized it is becoming a very popular cancer treatment and the only side effect is that it makes you feel good.

Mistletoe which was used by the Celts is widely used in Europe as a cure. Suzanne Somers came out and said she cured her cancer with mistletoe.

Apricot kernels which possess abundant vitamin B-17  is also very popular. It was promoted by Ernst Krebs by actually showing the cancer cells being killed.

The baking soda cure has also had great results. This is because baking soda will oxygenize the cancer cells. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. The baking soda should be taken with a sweetener such as molasses or maple syrup or it will not infiltrate the effected cells. As the cancer cells take in the sugar they will also absorb the baking soda and become alkaline and die.

Many well known doctors have lost their license by promoting alternative methods. One should make an informed decision based on all the information.