Our minds are molded
Our preferences and opinions are formed
Our social patterns and mental processes determined
By unseen elements in power behind the scenes

Thoughts are the gatekeepers to spiritual entities
That exist in the earth field

Our thoughts determine our vibration
Which at low frequency invite these forces
To enter our energetic structure

They can contaminate our lives
Instill mental misery
Infect our relationships
And cause illness

Thoughts influence our emotions
Emotions produce chemical changes in our body
Emotions infiltrate our DNA
DNA taps into the universal energy

We create the field that shapes the potentials
Our body responds to our perception of reality
There is healing power in the mind through belief

Thoughts and emotions are stored at conjunction points
In our neural networks
They are based on our subjective experience

Nerve cells wire together and fire together
We tell ourselves a story and we get an emotional response
If you view yourself as a victim
It will be wired in your brain

Our hypothalamus assembles peptides
Peptides create chemical combinations for emotions
When released throughout the body they are called hormones

Peptides enter receptors and sends memory to cells

Neuropeptides transmit electrical signals
We feel what we think

We can become addicted to our emotional states
And to the neuropeptides which produce them

Emotions link mind and body
We will bring to ourselves situations
That fulfill our physiological cravings

Our cells are made of electrons that have electric energy
The electrical force that binds us
Also holds the universe together

Program your psyche with non limiting beliefs
Disperse positive thoughts into the universal electric field
Cultivate the life force energy
And utilize it as a health modality

You are a divine vessel
And you need to expand!