Complimentary RNA
Produces 2 single strands of DNA
Which forms a double helix
Which will then combine
With the host DNA

It is easy to synthesize proteins
But harder to make them reproduce

The RNA though
Will produce spike proteins
Which are particles of synthetic polymers

They will be carried through the cytoplasm
Into the nucleus of the cell
On lipid nano particles
Carried by HIV 1
By way of pores that are opened by 5G

This will cause the reproduction
Of proteins and nucleic acids

RNA is a molecule
That attracts water
It is fragile

So it needs to be protected
From the harsh environment
Of the cytoplasm

RNA will then be translated into proteins
Which will produce the 2 new strands of DNA
And change ones genetic make-up forever

Merck has already rolled out distribution
Which will be carried out by the military

The body will become
A drug pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

RNA gene splicing has been around
Since the 1970’s

Moderna which has been experimenting on animals
And causing great amounts of suffering
For over 50 years

Has figured out the genetic information
Of producing a viral protein
By making the body produce copies of proteins

Sometime in 2021
Via the broadcast signal of 5G
People will suddenly change
And operate on a different frequency