Mosquitoes are like flying syringes
They have been intentionally weaponized
With the Zeco virus the West Nile virus and Malaria

Ticks have also been weaponized
With Lyme disease
At Plum Island off the shores of New Jersey

Next fall all colleges will require
Everyone to be vaccinated
The faculty and the students

California is about to pass a law
Requiring proof of vaccination
To enter the state

All other states will eventually follow

There is a sudden hesitancy about vaccines

More than 50 percent of people
Are saying they will not take the Corona virus vaccine

That is why they will try to put everyone in panic mode
It is all about fear

Food shortages
Gas shortages
Economic meltdown
Natural catastrophes
Virus variants

A demand will be created

This Fall they will come out
With an easy self administered vaccine
That will address the family of corona viruses

This will be the one and only opportunity
To vaccinate the whole world

And people will regret
That they played
Follow the Leader!