While we are entertained and distracted
Armies of AI robotic soldiers and drones are massing
Getting ready to wage war
Against those who do not accept the Mark of the Beast

They are even shown on TV in China

Synthetic humanoid soldiers will follow any order

They will hunt for resistance
The ones who do not go along with the Luciferian system

The war will also include drones
The size of seagulls down to tiny insect drones
Who will hover outside your house

Or land on the wall of your house
And monitor you
Seeing and hearing into your home

They can utilize facial recognition
From far away

These drones are advanced versions of the Tesla Bot
And will be hovering over every city

The Optimus Primus is the robotic AI Jesus
The Antichrist
And is ready to appear on the worlds stage

Christians are getting rapture dreams
But it will not be what they think

France is in total lockdown
Soon it will be worldwide

Driving through a small town in Eastern Washington
There were signs on the church and the hotel
Saying Welcome Spokane Quarantine team
Quarateam for short

Door to door vaccinations will start soon
Do not answer your door
Without knowing who is out there!