The elite want a nation of workers not thinkers

They want us to believe we are the cause of climate change
To turn a blind eye to their geoengineering
And forget about the billion watt microwaves of HAARP

The government admits they have the ability to create rainfall
Wherever and whenever they want

90 percent of the water used in Las Vegas
Comes from Lake Mead

The technology exists to fill it up

There are also vast underground water systems
That are being untapped

Water proves the earth is flat
Because it always seeks its level

It does not curve over a ball
That is why it is called sea level

They want us to believe we have evolved from lower life forms
And that gigantic lizard monsters called dinosaurs once roamed the earth

The largest of which is the 180 ton Ultrasaur
Which would make it 30 times bigger than an elephant

And that they were wiped out 65 million years ago
From a result of a collision of 2 asteroids 160 million years ago

And one fragment 106 miles in diameter hit the earth in the Chicxulub region
Of the Yucatan Peninsula

They want us to believe in solar eclipses
Where the sun is 93 million miles away

That it sends diagonal rays from its ends
And straight rays from its middle
Which then intersect onto the moon

This makes absolutely no sense
And the moon is never seen traveling in front of the sun

The sun illuminates locally because it is small and local

A societal collapse is looming
And deep state demonstrations are already planned for 11-3

They also want us to believe in the moon landings
That they were up there playing golf
Racing around in their moon buggy
And having a good time

And that President Nixon called them on his land line
While they were in deep space
To make sure everything is OK!