In 1957 a reptilian envoy referred to as Valiant Thor
Came to Washington DC and stayed 3 years
In the 3rd underground level of the Pentagon
Meeting with President Eisenhower

The process of replacing the government the media and Hollywood
With reptilian entities dressed up in cloned human flesh began

The result of this will be the ushering in of the Anti Christ

Also people from the past are living again as synthetic robotoids
Cloned from their own tissue

Bruce Willis was Douglas MacArthur
George Carlin was Charles Darwin
Eminem was Alexander Severus
Jared Kushner was John Wilkes Booth

Narcissist is a code word for a human
That has been taken over by an entity

The spirit is taken hostage during sleep paralysis

Queen Elizabeth is a shapeshifting reptilian and not human

Joe Biden is in the inside a different entity

All presidents are related
And their bloodlines can be taken over much more easily
Than the general population who do not have reptilian hybrid DNA

The energy field of their modified genes is vibrationally compatible

So reptilians who went underground
Are now running the show

They abduct humans and mix their DNA

Clones can freeze faint and be repetitive
So they continually need to upgrade to a new body
That will not grow tired nor malfunction

Synthetic suits can also be made by a company
That goes by the project name Clonaid

A bright star will shine in the heavens
Signaling the emergence of the Anti Christ

Who will cause fire to come down from the sky!