Iodine is a good treatment for those who are jabbed
Iodine has unique properties for absorbing radiation

Iodine is the main component of the proteins that are in the thyroid
The thyroid regulates metabolism which is all the chemical processes throughout the body

And one needs sufficient levels of copper selenium and vitamin c
To process the iodine and to make the needed proteins

Zinc is also important to carry out proper thyroid functions

Iron supplements accumulate in the endocrine tissue
Which render the thyroid dysfunctional
And production of needed chemicals such as tryptophan and serotonin are stopped

The lack of copper leads to iron build up as a replacement
The build up of iron will also cause cardiac dysfunction

Excess iron causes inflammation oxidative stress and mobilization of pathogenic bacteria
Iron overload alters the microbiome

Heavy metals in general oxidize mitochondria and DNA
Which means they are covered with a coating of oxide

Oxide is oxygen with acide acid
Which cause a loss of electrons

When the crystal symmetry which defines the field structure changes
The perception of the nervous system is also altered

Bill Gates is a big supporter of iron supplements
As well as a leading supporter of the vaccine
What does that tell you

The heavy metals and toxins in the vaccines and in chemtrails
Cause our T cells to become weak
And destroys hemoglobin

The red blood cells stick together and form clots

Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood

Without oxygen not only is breathing more difficult
DNA repair is inhibited
By impeding the production of DNA proteins

Many different kinds of shots have been given
If you have gotten one or more maybe you were lucky
And received a mild injection or even a placebo

Genes are either switched on or off
When our organic hologram is decreased we lose power

We become separated and become terminals on the smart grid

The goal of transhumanism is to turn us into a cyborg race
And put us into the Metaverse

The Metaverse will have a sophisticated array of energy frequencies
Which manipulates the soul with superimposed experiences

It is run by AI and captures the soul
By making the person believe they are experiencing real life

Thats what its all about!