Reptilians are everywhere
Especially the power elite

Who are either reptilians themselves
Or are treacherous human agents

That are handing the masses
Over to these entities

They engage in human sacrifice
Invoking magic
By engaging the other side

Life is in the blood
Our spirit is connected to our body by our blood

When blood is spilt and death comes
Especially by very painful methods
There is a release of chemical energy
That broadens the door
That an entity can interface with

The sacrifices of chickens goats and lobsters
Are code words for human sacrifices

Satanists have to reveal who they are
In some way shape or form

The Illuminati will get you to sacrifice a family member
In exchange for money and fame

Red eyes symbolize
Being empowered by blood sacrifices

But the veil is lifting
There are glitches in the false reality
That is upon us

The pineal gland is being awakened
Which makes us feel empowered
To be able to create our own reality
By focusing mentally and emotionally
On what we desire

The power grid on our dome
Is symbolized by the divisions on a soccer ball

We can access the power grid
We have that ability!