In ancient times
Everyone knew there was a metaphysical or spiritual side to reality

It was the reflecting world
The mirror world that creates the physical manifested world
Which we experience through the senses

First the light of your consciousness
Is reflected on the mirror of your mind to the spiritual world

The quantum plasma of the metaphysical world is then organized
And revealed to us as the outer expressions of life

These appearances are imitations that are generated in our mind as beliefs

There are over a billion versions of the fairy tale
That we call life

Each of us is on our individual island
In a sea of perspectives
About lifes experiences

Each one of us is in a different world
Pretending it is all one manifestation

We are indoctrinated from an early age
To accept what others want us to believe
To produce a reality that they want

Your life is nothing more
Than your imaginal out picturing of your beliefs

That are already inside you
Which you turn into an objective fact

For your imaginal activity fulfills itself
As the outside world
When it is persisted upon and believed in

You can believe anything you want into your life
If you do not accept what your senses are dictating

Your human body is Gods imagination

Your imagination is Gods wonderful creative power
Within your divine human body

You can bring the divine out of you
As an expression of yourself

Consciousness is the true reality

Our world is the automatic emanation of individual minds
And the perpetuation of our beliefs!