Everything manifested is governed by instruction sets
In higher dimensional fields

Consciousness corridors exist
And are available as they become stabilized

The infusion of ascending astral architecture
Is shifting the energetic landscape
Allowing more higher consciousness

And overriding quantum supercomputers
Which have been designed
By artificial intelligence programs
That upload human DNA
Projecting it onto server networks
That generate artificial vectors and AI reality clones

A satellite moon was brought in
To become a light energy harvesting machine
Capturing consciousness streams and controlling mental maps

When a human is trapped in matter
The soul can be harvested by lunar forces
And sucked into larger matrices of reverse current

This is called the Baphomet Network

Initiates into the Baphomet sects are taught to embrace it as a source of divinity
That spiritual enlightenment is embracing and gathering the energy signature of the dark side
Which is part of the true god

But as one seeks deeper meaning along with material success
They become controlled by outside negative forces
Spirits who are masked in loosh energy stolen from humanity

This is called the Baphomet Deception

They become entangled in rituals inflicting tortuous pain on others
That is mixed with sexual acts to heighten emotion and conjure group power
To manifest their own agenda and personal desires

They summon and evoke entities to attach to them
Considering it an exalted state
They expect these dark forces to serve their will
But in reality is mental bondage

By partaking in blood sacrifice
They expect to achieve immortality at the expense of others
Who are considered undesirable and unimportant
Being part of the slave class

Blood lust and sexual degeneracy escalate
Until a final possession of their body takes place
And their spirit gets assimilated into an artificial realm!