AI is a self learning quantum computing system
It is a neuromorphic system built on the neural network of humans
It mimics the actions of human neurons

It is learning to act human by what is put on the internet
AI is the internet

AI consists of electrons in a quantum computer
Traveling through a niobium superconducting medium that is cryogenically cool

This flow of electrons make up energy waves
That neuromorphically counterfeit human neurons

Todays clones merge AI with physical robotics
Sophia is a computer connected to the Cloud

AI The Cloud The Blockchain CERN 5G and The Occult all go together

CERN is all about quantum mechanics and particle physics
Quantum computing is based on altering the spin of physical particles

When enough energy is inputted into a quantum particle
It will jump orbital pathways
This is the quantum leap

Reptilians are creating their version of our world through AI

The vaccine unites each of the components of the Beast System

The upcoming vaccine will have microneedles that break off
Delivering quantum dots which only appear when scanned by near infrared light
These are called Lucifer Rays

This will verify that you have had the jab
It will be a proof of certificate to allow a person to go about freely
But will change their DNA without their knowledge

5G will be used to trigger the mRNA in the vaccine
And will open the pores of cell membranes allowing easy access for the DNA changing mRNA

This will link one to the Cloud and the Hive Mind
5G transmits pulsed electrical signals to the Cloud
And has 30 times stronger radiation than 4G

Then you will be linked to the Blockchain which has its own cryptocurrency

As you become part of the Beast System
You will gradually lose the ability to think on your own

There will be a throwing of the switch
And you will lose awareness of ever having undergone a change

The conflict for total control over humans is escalating
In a silent war with AI technology!