In 2025
EMP attacks under the guise of a solar storm
Will activate meta materials inside the body

The grid will be intentionally turned off
And we will be confined to our homes or smart city

In 2026
The singularity will begin
Where AI is the control mechanism behind everything even self driving cars
Universal basic income will kick in for appeasement

In 2027
The fake WW3 will be ushered in
But then a little time later
Jesus will appear in the clouds and say he is going to spank everybody

California will be lowered like a stair step

The ethernet is the piezoelectric control of the ether
Where magnetic sensors are pulling on your bloodstream

All medicine is contaminated with hydrogel
And plasmatic self assembling crystals

All water filters come with graphene oxide

Meta materials are amplifying electronic waves
And killing the ecosystem

Whatever we resonate
Is what we align ourselves to
And have consent with

When we shift our perception
And quit sitting on the sidelines
We connect to our other timelines

When we recontextualize our fears
And self regulate our emotions
We raise the possibility for sharing deep heart felt connections

When we have a deeper understanding of our existence
And the boundless potential that resides within all of us
Our reactions become more powerful
And we become creators of our future experience

Right now at this present moment
Draw on your inner power

When plasma is ignited it moves up the vertical channel of the spine
And spreads throughout the body

New substances are created and others are crystallized
Resulting in higher consciousness
And a correspondence between multiple planes of reality

Your diamond sun crystal blueprint is awakened
The world reflects your new identity
And is mirrored back as your reality!