Female energy is being targeted and suppressed
Because it is more heart based

To access your soul
You must access your heart
Through your feminine principle

80 percent of vegans are female

Misogyny is the limiting of female power
It is a strategy weapon of Reptilians
Which is enforced by egomaniac human males

Females in power positions are always very controlled

It is the shared greed of the male military elite and the alien non humans
That employ hidden frequency technologies to promote their agenda

They can even run implants in your biocomputer body
Which affects your mental emotional and biological health

Implants are energetic parasites
Addictive behaviors are frequently the result of these implants

Scalar waves from the moon open up portals
There are also ELF waves spinning off the moon
That ripple through our atmosphere

The moon is basically an AI mothership

CERN has 6 large Haldrin colliders running concurrently
To destabilize the ether between realms

Surveillance Hawk drones are above us
That appear as birds riding air currents

One night you will wake up and see holograms
Which will be perceived as real

The refraction metals from chemtrails
When charged with EMF radiation
Is the perfect medium for a holographic psyop

Frequencies draw down out of the black matter
The archonic entities that are now throughout the plasma field

In the former age when Venus was in the underworld
She was perceived as a harlot
Thus the tradition of Mary Magdalene

When Mars and Venus was in front of Saturn
It instigated the Pallidorian activation

This was Andromeda pouring the chalice
Into the Tree of Life

Which was plasma flowing down the universal axis
Into the 12 branches of the Adamic line
That were the 12 apostles

Venus was the feminine energy that provided life for all!