We are in a blended reality of bifurcation
With competing artificial intelligence timelines
And creator code timelines

Subtle interdimensional communication
Filters through the mind set of our consciousness infrastructure

And along with individual egoic programming
Perpetuates mental fracturing into a downward spiral

The phantom matrix is a being used to consume
The living energy and light of souls
But it is collapsing

Astral planes are infiltrated with an array of artificial inserts
To generate conflicts fear and ego struggles

False identities are perpetuated
Making clear discernment difficult

The blocking of our internal guidance system
Disrupts energetic coherence between body and mind
Preventing expression of our highest divinity

Realize others are being subjected to an onslaught of mind control
That is designed to siphon their life force
And steal their personal sovereignty

Expand your mind beyond personal judgements and prejudices
And focus on common bonds

See that projected mental images are being artificially generated
Into a fake holographic reality

When the negative ego is used to play out victim and victimizer roles
It produces consciousness slaves

When the idea of domination over others is promoted
It legitimizes violence and killing

Sexism racism and speciesism all provide plenty of loosh for inverted systems

The ideology of speciesism has been superimposed upon our consciousness
Resulting in the slaughter of an absurd number of animals every day

The glorification of eating the corpses of baby animals
Most of whom have been encaged all their life
Is a sick and psychotic practice
Which needs to be eliminated

And until it is
We cannot and will not ascend to our highest potential!