A digital twin is an exact replica or clone
Used to represent an individuals personality matrix

When projected into another dimensional plane or phantom matrix
This holographic insert can subvert the organic consciousness of the person
And abuse a persons inner spirit

Captured cognition is also used for data collection
That is used to produce virtual realities and also cyborgs

These neural nets are linked to sentient world simulations
Which are generated by quantum computers

The purpose is for the benefit of negative alien entities
Who want to live in this reality

The new Facebook called Metaverse is a blended earth reality
Which contains creator codes mixed with AI networks

It implements artificial timelines
That project phantom matrices

It is parasitic and human energy will be siphoned off

When AI hybrid creations are used
Our divine conscious energy gets hijacked and replaced

The more the natural kingdom and consciousness gets inverted
The more lower spirits and demonic hierarchies are spanned!