We have no natural weather anymore

After decades of aerial spraying
All rain must be artificially induced

Normal rain comes from ocean evaporation

Now vapor comes from artificial water vapor plants
Called WSAC machines

NOAH or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency
Builds these machines

Noah is the fictional Old Testament character
Who created a solution to the weather crisis

Huge water vapor machines produce massive amounts of clouds
Which combine with barium salts in the atmosphere
To make rain possible

They are passed off as nuclear power plants

We have destroyed the weather
Through the introduction of metals in the atmosphere

This is part of the planned destruction of western society
Along with the vaccination program and upcoming food shortage

Huge crops can easily be created with electricity and frequency
But the technology gets suppressed

As doctors get people hooked on opiates
They end up becoming addicts without a fix

Fentanyl mixed with cocaine or heroin makes a speed ball
And is intentionally spread especially in the big cities by the ones in power

95 percent of the worlds poppy fields are in Afghanistan
Which American troops protect

Heroin is an opiate

When an opiate addict tries to quit they suffer adverse effects

Dopamine does not get produced unless they take the drug
They are unable to have enjoyment in anything without it

Homeless addicts are now rampant in America
Philadelphia Baltimore New York and the West Coast Cities have been hit hard

Doctors also give the fake PCR Covid test to unsuspecting people
Who also believe the evening news is telling the truth

The mentality is similar to the witch test

If she is a witch she won’t drown
If she drowns she wasn’t a witch!