The energy amplification properties of the double lattice structure of a crystal
Is similar to our own double helix DNA

The Great Atlantean Fire Crystal is what enhanced the power of the Ark of the Covenant
Which was in the Kings Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza
Pyramids were built for power generation

The fire crystal was spinning inside silica magnets in a gold cup accumulator
Toroidal waves then produced units of divergent hyperdimensional energy fields

Humans are a battery with terminals called arms
We can provide a positive or negative current from our hands

We can activate the coiled field around the crystal creating radiant electrical energy
We can be charged up to do magic

In the day when magic was alive Atlanteans would condition incandescent stones and metals
To project and receive energy fields

Superman used crystals and kryptonite to construct a fortress in the Andes Mountains
In the Crystal Cave near Naica Mexico there are gigantic crystals over 60 feet tall weighing many tons
Huge crystal beams jut out from the floor and ceiling

These are Superman memory crystals
Superman is representative of an Atlantean

In the laboratory femtosecond laser pulses are used to write data in crystals
Whole books can be put as memory into quartz crystals

A single fire crystal can be used to power an entire city

The crystal fields of Arkansas are where crystals were grown like flowers
The mountains of Western Arkansas are world famous for the prolific and spectacular quartz crystals
Known as Arkansas Candles

Hidden Atlantean fire crystals contain records of the lost civilization
And have encoded programs that will be activated at a certain time
They are supposed to ignite the earths energy grid

Get ready for a mental and spiritual enlightenment
And anticipate a physical and emotional healing!