As consciousness emerged from the density
Which resulted from the emanation of light currents
That condensed into a field of light and sound

Multiple stations of identity
With unique individual experience
Gained knowledge through the reality of manifested existence

This eternal god source of energy or cosmic wave
Which originally expressed a unified consciousness
Was directed through the universal axis into ley lines

The universal axis is a massive spinning vortex field
In the center of our world
Entering at the north pole
And was referred to in earlier times as the Spirit of God

Ley lines are an intersecting pattern of energetic frequencies
Running down into the crystal core
Making up the earths circulatory system

Energy was cut off and distorted
Deteriorating the functions of our 3D personalities

Our original authentic reality has been dismantled
And our connection to higher consciousness has been interfered with

Advanced architecture in previous civilizations
Were built on ley lines to utilize their energy
But now sit silent

An artificial alien grid system called the Black Dragon
Is now superimposed on our world

But our holographic matrix is undergoing sound wave template corrections
And our whole natural grid system is being brought back online
While the artificial one is being cleared out

The earths crystalline network is being re encrypted and activated
Catalyzing our higher spiritual functions!