Below the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City Utah
There are numerous tunnels
That connect to a subterranean highway

A circular seemingly bottomless shaft with a guardrail
Is in the main corridor right below the Temple

Many witnesses have told of encounters with reptile man like creatures
But they go unreported by the controlled media

Entrances to these tunnels have been sealed off

If Mormons knew their leaders were in a conspiracy with another species
You would think they would quit attending church

But this is just the tip of the iceberg

There are 7 levels at the Dulce Air Force Base in New Mexico
Of which levels 5 6 and 7 are completely under authority of a Draconian Reptilian
And no humans are allowed in these levels

Level 5 is known as Nightmare Hall
Abductees are kept in cold storage
Imprisoned in cage like enclosures
And hideous experiments are performed there

There was an uprising there in 1979
And at Groom Lake in 1975
But both were thwarted

Near Edwards Air Force Base in California
There is an installment called Ant Hill

Basketball size orbs patrol the facility
When someone approaches the orb glows and hums

Similar orbs patrol military zones at Mt Shasta
And the Chocolate Mountains in California

Reptilians also guard these sites
If you come to close they will blast you with a flash gun
That will cause temporary paralysis and confusion

They will hiss at you
When that happens back up
Keeps your arms down and palms forward

Below Mt. Shasta is the city of Telos
And supposed to be occupied by lizard people

The Lake Ontario region in Canada
Is also supposed to have underground settlements
Which can be accessed in downtown Toronto on Parliament Street

The intersection of Gerard and Church Streets
Is famous for its many accidents
Due to magnetic anomalies

In Manhatton a subterranean world can be accessed
By an abandoned elevator shaft

Mt Lassen in California has an underground city called Manten

In Death Valley California
Near Wingate Pwingateass in the Panamint Mountains
Are underground tunnels
Which have remains of ancient structures

Geronimo used to escape from soldiers
Hiding in tunnels in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona
And next appear in New Mexico

South America has endless Chinkaras
Which are underground interconnected passageways

Many explorers in their search for gold hidden by the Incas
Have encountered unknown creatures
Described as part man snake and lizard

The Church of Santa Domingo in Peru
Has an entrance to the underworld
Where people risk their lives to find bars of gold

The main settlements of reptilians are in the outer earth
Which have whitish gray supporting columns
That regulate light and temperature

These underground tunnels are all over the world
Yet people know nothing about them!