Photographs purporting to show the construction
Of the Empire State Building

Are nothing more than photo montages of negatives
With fake workers

The Empire State Building and the Manhattan Bridge
Are hundreds of years old and are Tartarian

It was built to capture enough energy
To illuminate clear to Lake Ontario

Blimps would dock to the copper pole at the top
And unload or load passengers

Metals like copper have electrons that are easily removed

Coils of copper wire can be seen on temples
Such as the Prumbanan Temple Complex in Indonesia

Temples cathedrals mosques palaces and castles
Were all Tartarian power plants

They were distributors of atmospheric energy

Woosley Hall at Yale University
Houses an amazing symphonic organ

That with the resonance of electromagnetic energy
Brought about physical and spiritual transformation

Pyramids were built with granite and geo polymeric concrete
Which contain quartz crystals that have super conducting abilities

Old local churches with steeples were Tartarian
Whose towers received electric pulsations
And emitted these waves of energy to considerable distances

Castles were also equipped with this old technology intact
The apparatus included elaborate roof grids
Copper and metal ornaments
Antennae with copper balls
Spires domes and towers
Iron foundations

Windows were portals in which energy was sent through

Star forts and Chinese pagodas were also power stations

We have now a counterfeit history
That ignores past advanced civilizations

And prevents the public from realizing
We live in a realm of limitless energy!